Saint Peter Religious Education

8140 Niles Center Road
Skokie, Illinois 60077
(847) 679-1202


Sister Kathy Maloney, OSB


Ss. Peter & Lambert Religious Education offers a catechetical program of faith formation to the young people in our parish who attend public/private schools.

Religious education of children begins long before children start formal schooling. Parents are their children's first and foremost teachers of faith -

  • as they model Christian values in the family,
  • as they witness to a lifestyle based on the teachings of Jesus,
  • as they gather each week with the believing community to praise and worship God.

PARENTS ARE THE PRIMARY TEACHERS OF FAITH FOR THEIR CHILDREN. The religious education of children at Sts. Peter & Lambert  Parish is based on this premise. Our program builds on the foundation begun in the family, inviting parents, catechists, and parish staff to work together to guide children in claiming life in Christ as their own.


The purpose of the Sss. Peter & Lambert Religious Education program for children is to assist young people to reflect on their own lives in light of the Gospel and of Church tradition, enabling them to move toward a conscious commitment of living their lives as the Gospel challenges - loving service to others.

The Religious Education program is one aspect of assisting children in the life-long process of listening and responding to God's invitation to love.

It is assumed that children will be part of the Religious Education Program during all 8 years of elementary education.