Welcome to St. Peter Parish

St. Peter Parish is a multi-cultural Roman Catholic community of faith which is located in the center of downtown Skokie.  The parish was established in 1868 and the present Church was built in 1894 at the intersection of Niles Center Road and Lincoln Avenue.


Mass Times

Weekend Mass Schedule
5:00 PM 
7:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, 12:00 NOON 
All Masses in CHURCH

10:30 AM Mass will also be Livestreamed 

Weekday Mass Schedule
Monday - Friday
6:30 AM & 8:15 AM
 8:15 AM
Weekday Masses are in Church.

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The 10:30 AM Mass is now open to in-person participation.

For the summer months, all Masses will be in CHURCH.



These guidelines are in place at St. Peter:

  • reservations for Mass are no longer required;
  • masks are not required (but optional) for vaccinated persons and are required for unvaccinated persons;
  • physical distancing recommended for unvaccinated persons;
  • enter only through the main doors of the Church;
  • the Church will remain open on weekdays (Monday - Friday) until 3:00 PM.

During Mass:

  • Congregational singing is now allowed.
  • The Sign of Peace will be restored. (As some may not as yet be comfortable with exchanging the Sign of Peace at this time, please respect each person's choice).

Thank you for your understanding and for following these protocols.

May we continue to pray for an end to this global pandemic.

Mission Statement

St. Peter Parish is a multi-cultural Roman Catholic community of faith. We are a people of God dedicated to living the Gospel message and celebrating our community in liturgy. We come together to pray, to support and to live the Gospel message daily by loving God and by loving and serving our neighbors in humility. We are called to stewardship by sharing our time, our talent, and our treasure for the sake of the Lord Jesus.


St. Vincent de Paul Drop Box Donations
The St. Vincent de Paul Society is very grateful for Items donated at their Drop Box. Please note that the Drop Boxes are meant to hold ONLY clothing, linen, and shoes. All donated items must be placed in the drop box. Please do not leave any other items outside the drop box. Thank you for following these directives when dropping off items. 

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Baptismal Preparation Program

Posted on February 16, 2017 in: General News

Baptismal Preparation Program
Parents who are awaiting the birth of their child are busy with many preparations as they get ready for the new arrival. This time of preparation is also the ideal time for expectant parents to prepare for the Baptism of their child. Prior to the birth of their child, parents are invited to participate in a Baptismal Preparation session which gives parents an opportunity to reflect on the sacra...

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